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The latest update to Open Campground is 2226 dated August 6, 2022. Take a look at update 2226 for information.

Why should you look at Open Campground?

If you answered yes to those questions you need to look at Open Campground. There is a version of the system that will help you.

What is Open Campground?

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Open Campground is a free open source campground reservation system. It was built for you to use in smaller campgrounds and RV parks where you would like the advantages a computer based system gives you but do not want to spend a lot of money. It is written in the Ruby language using the open source Ruby on Rails framework.

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Open Campground is available for installation on your Windows computer ("Local") or professionally installed and managed on a Cloud system ("Cloud"). In Open Campground you will find a mix of features that you will not find on many other systems. More comprehensive discriptions of the system's features are available at System Features

Open Campground features
Simple to use and learnYesYes
Low CostInexpensiveInexpensive or free
Simple ConfigurationYesYes
Space ManagementYesYes
Reservation ManagementYesYes
Camper ManagementYesYes
Space Availability displayYesYes
Flexible rate structureYesYes
Daily, Weekly, Monthly ratesYesYes
Full season ratesYesYes
Different rate by day of weekYesYes
Holiday or high/low ratesYesYes
Flexible reportsYesYes
Reports to spreadsheetYesYes
Login & passwordYesYes
Multiple languages/localesYesYes
Database BackupsDaily automaticYes
On-line reservationsYesMaybe*
Local Credit Card handlingYesMaybe*
Credit Card handling for on-line reservationsYesMaybe*
Multiple simultanous usersYesMaybe*
Access from multiple locationsYesMaybe*
InstallationNot neededWindows system
* The system installed on your computer can support these capabilities but doing so depends on system and network configurations that are not supplied by Open Campground. The User Manual gives information that someone experienced in Windows networking and system configuration can use to enable these capabilities. Open Campground in the Cloud is configured and professionally managed to support these capabilities

Exploring the System

The System Demo which is a live Open Campground system running in the Cloud with a real database will give you an opportunity to see what the system looks and acts like in action.

A short tutorial is included in the User's Manual. It will give you a guided tour through the common functions of the system in a step-by-step manner. Take a look at it and follow along with it in the training mode.

Installation, features and use of the system are described in the User's Manual.

Users interested in the internal details of Open Campground should look at the source which is in the downloads.

Calling all Users

If you install Open Campground I would like to know about it. I would like to get feedback on what meets your needs and what needs improvement. Just send me an email to let me know you are out there.

Norm Scherer