There are three product offerings; Open Campground Download, Open Campground on a Flash card and Open Campground in the Cloud. This table gives a comparison of the features of each so you can easily figure out which one is best for your campground. Open Campground on a Flash card only works on Windows. If you are using a non-Windows computer system you will need to use Open Campground in the Cloud or the source option of Open Campground Download.

In all cases you will be able to use any computer, tablet or phone to access Open Campground as long as you have network access to the server system. The links at the top of the table will take you to pages giving a summary of each version of the system.

Feature Open Campground Download Open Campground on a Flash card Open Campground in the Cloud
Ease of InstallationModerate computer skills requiredAutomatic installation and configurationNo installation required
System Ease of UseAll versions of Open Campground are the same.
System StartupManual setup of startup systemCan select automatic startupNothing to do
System AdministrationNeed to manage backups etc.Nothing to do
CostFree download$49.50 for Flash Card*
$.30 per site per month (minimum $15/mo)
*For other than North America send an email to Open Campground for instructions on how to purchase.