Open Campground in the Cloud

If you do not want to manage a computer system with a database in your office and do backups, system setup and maintenance as well as updates etc. another option is available. You can have a remote server set up on a computer hosting facility which you will connect to on the Internet. All you will have in your office will be your current desktop or laptop computer which you will use to connect to the remote system. You will be able to access the system from any place where you have internet access. You can even use a tablet or iPad or smart phone to connect. No software will need to be installed on your system. You will just use your Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox etc.) to connect to the remote application. You will be given a unique address on the Internet that you will connect to and the system will run in the remote facility. System login with a secure password will be set up to provide you security. Backups and all other system administration will be taken care of.

On this configuration the production and training/demonstration modes are both available at all times and there is no action required to change modes other than selecting a different web URL in your browser. This setup will require you to have reliable communications over the Internet at a reasonable speed. Realistically you will need a broadband connection, you will not find a dial-up connection usable. The cost for Open Campground in the Cloud is a monthly fee of $.30 per site (minimum of $15 per month). This will include setup and management of the system as well as system backups and updates when released. Also available is the option to allow guests to access a limited version of Open Campground to make their own reservations over the Internet.

The User's Manual gives more information on the system. The demonstration system is a live instance of an Open Campground in the Cloud installation. Contact me by email at info@OpenCampground.com to have your Open Campground in the Cloud system set up. I will provide you with simple forms to define your campground and set the system up to be ready for use. If you desire you can do the setup yourself.

Payment and Billing policies

Following are the policies for charges and billing: