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This is a live demo of the Open Campground in the Cloud™ system. This demo has been modified from the normal version of the system only in that passwords are not validated. When you log in to the system use the username manager and any or no password. You can create other users and you will have to assign them passwords but when you login as any of those users anything will be accepted as a password. The User's Manual. describes the use of the system though its use should be fairly obvious to anyone who is operating a campground.

The system uses the same database as you will find on the production system. It is in the training mode which means you can reload the database using the Initialize database button in the admin->setup dialogs. The system will be reloaded with a training set of data each night at around midnight (USA Central time) so any data you have put in the system will then disappear. The system is accessible by anyone, so someone else may be using the system when you are using it and they may reload the database at any time or add or delete sites, make or cancel reservations etc.

This is an Open Campground in the Cloud™ installation which means that does not require any management by the users other than determining how it should be setup. The software is the same as any other version of Open Campground™.

Select this link to enter the demo. To download software or get information about Open Campground in the Cloud™ or the other versions of Open Campground™ go to this Product info page. For details on how the system works you should download the User's Manual. but you should be able to use most of this demo without it.