r1409 substantial rewrite of payments and transaction reports
r1407 minor change on layout of extras
r1406 make occupancy work for multiple years
r1405 correct problems with occupancy report
r1404 translation changes for new yml caused bugs.  Reversed 1399
r1402 mv to gem for in_place_editing and remove i18n.  It needs to be installed not frozen
r1399 ruby 1.9 changes to localizations
r1398 more stuff with icons
r1397 make remote reservation fields optionally manditory
r1395 move icons etc. to public
r1394 minor bug fixes
r1389 improvements to closed time
r1386 consolidate restart actions
r1385 correct error in Reservation::do_checkout
r1384 correct next action for deleting logs and backups
r1383 do explicit conversions of params where indicated
r1382 more with icons
r1381 update favicon etc.
r1380 some bug corrections and refactoring
r1379 add icons for android, apple and ms
r1378 correct problem with changing site type
r1377 handle error where backup file not specified
r1376 correct problem when using clear button on calendar and preserving sitetype selection
r1375 Corrected problem with embedded calendar
r1374 correct version number
r1371 increase log files to .5 mb each
r1370 remove leading blanks from last names
r1369 handle blank counts on extras correctly
r1367 add cancel checkin ability
r1366 enhance working of storage and seasonal
r1365 partial improvements to storage and seasonal
r1364 show new reservation dates select with no javascript
r1363 extracted common code in update_*
r1362 correct error in change space
r1361 correct problem in find_space
r1360 retain page on payments list
r1359 changes to manage payments
r1358 improve colors on pagination
r1357 minor corrections to german translations
r1356 improvements to camper combine mmi and minor improvements
r1355 change paging to use will_paginate
r1354 make print button look like the rest
r1353 correct problem combining campers
r1352 correct map for remote and group res
r1351 improvements to change space function
r1350 impound migration to implement embedded calendar
r1349 add option to display full sized calendar
r1348 update version controller and make multiple storage rates work
r1347 correct crash if camper displayed
r1346 correct use of restart
r1345 correct problem with display of camper
r1344 correct typo in date validation
r1343 correct problem editing colors
r1342 updates to use activemerchant 1.33.0 and i18n 0.6.9
r1341 updates to use activemerchant 1.33.0 and i18n 0.6.9
r1340 enable editing of archived reservations
r1339 correct problem with seasonal dates on space change
r1334 display alternate logo
r1333 rename User Manual to UserManual to avoid file problems
r1332 improve date update handling
r1328 eliminate bogus error message
r1324 correct spelling of the tenth month
r1323 prohibit saving of a reservation without start and end dates
r1321 correct but in price helper
r1320 correct error found with null map
r1317 add capabilities to better handle groups
r1307 correct occasional error in login from cookie
r1303 enhancements to translations from github i18n project
r1302 move maps to a separate directory
r1301 initial support for translation of date selection
r1300 update calendar_date_select to 1.16.4 and use as gem
r1299 smooth out some rough edges on maps
r1298 updated manual
r1297 correct problem with bogus entry in camper create
r1296 correct problem with system restart
r1295 handle case for map file empty
r1294 correct printing of notes
r1293 improve updates using fileutils
r1289 change password used for updates
r1288 rename logo
r1287 better handling for email addresses and correct remote handling of recommenders
r1286 correct problem with not finding liquid gem
r1285 preliminaries for migration to rails 3
r1283 improvements in handling of images
r1282 add error handling to map control
r1281 enhance display for dynamic strings and add new logo
r1280 minor improvement in calendar handling
r1279 configure 4 sets of colors
r1278 error in translations corrected
r1277 correct problem with handling of remote extras
r1276 correct problem combining campers
r1275 correct error in camper/show
r1271 correct problem with calendar date select
r1270 restyle submit buttons
r1269 more tweaking of display
r1268 minor corrections to layout
r1267 cleanup on remote
r1266 improve handling of map image
r1265 correct typo
r1264 use translations on error messages
r1263 correct condition where OCCASIONAL extra has both charges and daily_charges
r1262 changes from paypal testing
r1259 improvements to tab navigation
r1258 add option for display of extras on remote
r1257 enable display of park map
r1256 add display of map to find space
r1255 paypal for remote
r1254 updates for remote payments
r1253 more corrections on displays
r1252 clean up remote displays
r1251 more work on first data integration
r1250 include needed gems
r1249 corrections for tab navigation
r1248 step one of display improvement
r1247 implemention of integration for first data
r1246 remove debugging code that was causing problems
r1245 make transaction report more consistant
r1244 enhance transactions report to include changes
r1243 minor change to debug code
r1242 disallow access to res list by remote user
r1241 add created for measured extras
r1240 update version number
r1239 add payment and due to mail message
r1238 cache images etc. defined in database
r1237 add license optionally to reservation lists
r1236 make rate stay with measured extra entry
r1235 correct version number
r1234 enable display of charges for sched arr report
r1232 improve logging and force session change with version update
r1231 update cookies with version
r1230 minor correction to system options edit
r1229 enhancements to envelope function
r1228 clean up loose ends of window envelope
r1227 correct migrations confused by position addition
r1226 correct incorrect display of some charges
r1225 add formatting for window envelope
r1224 improve presentation of extras on remote reservation
r1222 correct problems in handling camper id number
r1221 add sort capability for sitetype, rigtype, discount, extra, tax, creditcard, recommenders, country
r1220 disallow nil value for extra charge
r1219 make tokens generate using digest
r1218 add dialogs to set session and cookie token
r1217 update copyright
r1216 improve handling of storage rates
r1215 notify users if cookies are not enabled
r1214 improvements in update download process
r1213 improve functioning of available count and reserve by week
r1212 minor improvements in remote reservations
r1211 provide mechanizm to secure cookies and sessions
r1210 correct non-working reservation by week
r1209 improve change date function
r1208 enable database init from curl except in production
r1207 prevent deletion of a camper that has a group assigned
r1206 fixups on admin buttons
r1205 add ability to use your own logo
r1204 add handler to report incursions
r1203 enhance handling of space and metered extra
r1202 correct handling of last name change
r1201 correct error in country updates
r1200 mods to make maintenance displays more usable
r1199 correct error in handling of paging with camper combine
r1198 update schema migrations for links
r1197 add db definition for links
r1196 database changes to support reservation links
r1195 more error logging enhancements
r1194 enhance and standardize error reporting
r1193 correct problems in user maintenance
r1192 improve handling of backups and log files
r1191 minor error corrections
r1190 update rails to version 2.3.18
r1186 enhance space creation
r1185 added finished button to setup pages and minor corrections
r1184 correct problems with startup from empty database
r1178 changes to improve reliability
r1177 Correct radio button problem in setup
r1176 ensure length on space is valid
r1175 customize logging for each mode
r1174 handle errors in check dates
r1173 update logging to limit log file to 100 k-bytes
r1172 add a color reset in case you want to revert color changes
r1171 skip available display on closed dates
r1170 minor correction in date display
r1169 include short_fmt in seeds
r1168 remove log file rotation
r1167 additional scripts for manual control of the system on windows
r1166 improve display of reservation lists
r1165 check if dates can be changed in show window
r1164 improve handling of space and count variables
r1163 permit use of parens in camper names
r1162 add capability to download meter readings to spreadsheet
r1161 correct problem with showing archived reservations
r1160 update schema_migrations
r1159 catch schema.rb up with migrations
r1158 add meter readings dialog
r1157 add express reservation
r1156 correct occasional problem when sitetype is any
r1155 correct date change function for remote
r1154 correct use of time zones
r1153 improve handling of desired type on space selection
r1152 correct error in group reservations
r1151 add optional count of sites available
r1150 small improvements in remote setup
r1149 add ability to specify non-admin tasks
r1148 detect and stop simultanous conflicting reservation
r1147 ensure start from scratch with new reservation
r1146 prevent payment being picked up by wrong reservation
r1145 add monthly storage rates
r1144 enhance error handling in remote
r1143 eliminate possible conflict between remote and office
r1142 correct handling of camper select finish destination
r1141 correct error in occupancy report when site had not been occupied
r1140 correct measured extras report where there are no measured extras
r1139 handle errors in dealing with payments with no reservation
r1138 prevent double click on space selections
r1137 prevent double selection on space selection
r1136 improvements to reliability
r1135 improvements to reliability and consistency of remote
r1134 remove some possible errors in reservations not found
r1133 correct handling of remote payment
r1132 syntax error in remote
r1131 avoid duplicate recording of payments on remote
r1130 correct recording of payment information on paypal payment for remote reservation
r1129 change remote paypal handling to work without IPN
r1128 correct an error in change space when dates were not changed
r1127 correction in group reservation when reservation added or removed from group
r1126 improve remote operation including error handling
r1125 change setup to support paypal only on apache/passenger
r1124 add closed time
r1123 improve error messages
r1122 corrections in listing of group reservations
r1121 handle change of reservation from full season and back
r1120 alter flow to correct problem with end date before start date
r1119 improve error messages and functioning of payments
r1118 correct to eliminate deceptive error message when user changes password
r1117 update copyright in about file
r1116 correct error in display of archives and remote site length
r1115 misspelling corrected
r1114 make many entries optional
r1113 make rates have up to 5 decimal places
r1112 put focus on the error flash when there is an error
r1111 correct flash message when space is changed
r1110 correct errors in calculation of monthly charges
r1108 correct handling of deposit on update email
r1107 correct problem with backups on windows 7
r1106 revert untested changes
r1105 correct occasional mis-calculation of discounts
r1104 for remote do not allow changes on confirmation page
r1103 indicate manditory entries for remote in production
r1102 correct problem in remote camper entry
r1101 another  migration problem
r1100 correct migrations
r1099 correct some problems with remote reservations
r1098 add reports for measured extras and ability to edit values
r1097 update database initalizers
r1096 add options for confirm messages for remote reservations
r1095 correct action for restart
r1094 add restart button if running passenger
r1093 correct handling of non-admin login with empty db
r1092 add logging for updates and deletes of measured charges and payments
r1091 add capability to edit measured extra entries
r1090 correct some cases in charge calculations
r1089 ask for confirm if start date is not today
r1088 bugid 29721: correct problem in daemon mode
r1087 handle show camper where archive has been deleted
r1086 correct for extras on remote also
r1085 correct error when there are no extras
r1084 updates to update process
r1083 correct problems with charges override
r1082 enhance update process
r1081 allow occasional extras to be negative
r1080 get rid of unused payments
r1079 correct problem with discount calculations when more than one season
r1078 correct migration problem
r1077 guard against error from nil value
r1076 correct function of setting credit card no
r1075 correct a couple of errors in reservation processing
r1074 update version for patch
r1073 correct handling of deposit for confirmation email
r1072 improvements to payment management
r1071 improve handling of extras
r1070 update layout of admin buttons
r1069 set authorizations for dynamic strings
r1068 correct error with remote
r1067 skip paypal setup if not using paypal
r1066 correct errors in remote date and space change
r1065 correct errors in handling of remote reservations
r1064 add interfaces to support loading of html, css and images from database
r1063 minor improvements in update system
r1062 correct minor problems with prices
r1061 minor improvements to backup and log manipulation
r1060 keep track of version with globals
r1059 workaround for security bug CVE-2013-0156
r1058 correct problems with daily rate in various seasons
r1057 ignore migration errors caused by lack of schema_migration.yml
r1056 display not found message when camper is not in db.  Translations missing
r1055 correct some problems with reloadable training database
r1054 correct in-park list count when groups are present
r1053 change session and cookie verifier value on each restart
r1052 add capabilities to customize appearance via css and js in database
r1051 improve working of extras on remote
r1050 correct error in passing variables to translations
r1049 enhance update system
r1048 add option to make phone and email manditory on remote reservations
r1047 correct problems with remote handling of extras
r1044 add optional tab navigation
r1043 check that @reservation exists before checking archived
r1042 workaround for erb bug
r1041 add translations to show
r1040 change in schema.rb to catch up with migration
r1039 remove local js and css inclusion for debug
r1038 cleanups in database setup
r1037 Updates for 1.11 release
r1036 updates for release
r1035 correct error in rates migration
r1034 rename changed file to .bak on update
r1033 correct problems in camper show
r1032 add icon for use on windows control panel
r1031 handle case where sort string is corrupt
r1030 add user manual to admin page
r1029 add db capability to support cc fees
r1028 improve working of spaces sort order
r1027 add ability to set payment date
r1026 add abaility to disable update
r1025 correct handling of extras
r1024 add group list
r1023 minor improvements to remote reservations
r1022 update working of extras
r1021 improve display of updates description
r1020 correct errors in calculating charges
r1019 correct display of variable price rates
r1018 minor correction to file installation
r1017 update tests to handle variable rates
r1016 correct problems with price setup displays
r1015 clear up some errors introduced
r1014 updates to make it work better with windows
r1013 enhance update process
r1012 update functions work
r1011 variable rates.  spanning seasons not implemented yet
r1010 update display for archived reservations
r1009 correct error that occured if there was no payment date
r1008 update startup scripts for windows
r1007 add occasional extra type to replace one time extra
r1006 startup scripts update
r1005 update migration number
r1004 update databases to accomodate future changes
r1003 correct check for space available on date change
r1002 do not change end date on reservation date change
r1001 add option to include your own js and css
r1000 use colors
r999 do not print camper notes
r995 correct for warning about syntax
r994 update database reload files
r993 minor changes to test fixtures
r991 do not archive reservations that do not have an id
r990 improve algorithm for changing date on reservation
r988 change fixtures so order stays fixed
r987 put editable date on payments
r982 eliminate saving of cvv2 values
r981 put version and revision from database in about
r980 minor updates to colors
r979 make group assignment available during new reservation process
r977 add capability to edit and delete payments
r972 redo group name page
r970 handle the old format of payments buy rescuing the error
r969 show payments on archive show page
r968 clean up a few color problems
r967 updates to the colors
r966 make color editing work better
r965 feature request 29606: add notes on camper
r964 feature req 29605: add optional filtering of camper on first name and city
r963 implementation of get updates
r959 correct occasional errors
r957 add capability to generate csv file from space available display
r956 correct errors in recommendations report and add subtotal by payment type to payments report
r955 use test from model for space checking
r951 include reservation history on camper show
r946 setup routines use archived
r935 initial version of stylesheets from database
r934 create color editing capability
r933 add database table for colors
r932 add notes to rigs in park report
r931 add camper history to camper show
r916 modify caching of js to work better
r911 add camper report
r904 combine and cache stylesheets and js
r903 record abandoned reservations
r902 add reservation number to show page
r901 add cache buster to eliminate back tracking
r900 corrections to down migration
r899 add measured quantity type extra
r898 enhance discounts using fixed amount
r897 correct printing of due amount when using override
r896 correct extend to look at archived flag
r882 improve logging on changes and handling of card expiration
r881 enable starttls if needed
r880 correct handling of camper change
r879 correct error when seasonal reservations are authorized
r878 add cvv2 to payment info if present
r871 enhance handling of group reservation space selections
r870 added credit for Marco Boeri for Italian
r864 show credit card expiration date on screen
r863 print credit data if creditcard id is present
r856 correct credit card expiration processing
r854 minor improvements to setup displays
r852 add italian translations
r851 add fallback to english and Italian locale
r850 initialize list sorts
r848 change so you can only edit the name of the default season
r847 correct counting of group members
r846 enhance testing of spaces handling
r845 correction for double booking from group reservations
r844 correct problem with double booking on remote reservations
r843 remove login check on date update and calendar update so remote res work