The CD version of release 1.11 is available

Open Campground is available for Windows on a CD with an installer program for a nominal cost. To install this version of the system you insert the CD in your CD/DVD drive and it will automatically do an installation in a manner similar to any other Windows CD you install.

(Picture of CD) The installation is automated and will only require you to confirm directory location etc. It installs shortcuts in your Start Menu (unless you choose not to) to be used to start, reconfigure and uninstall Open Campground and to access the User's Manual. It also puts Open Campground on the list of programs in the Control Panel add/remove programs list. You can reconfigure and uninstall from that location also. Included as a part of the CD installation is a program called reconfigure which will set up Open Campground to start automatically when your computer boots up. You then access Open Campground by just selecting a icon which is installed on your desktop which will bring up your default browser connected to the Open Campground server. No other actions are needed. The reconfigure program will allow you to select whether you want the system to run in the production or training/demonstration mode. You can run this program to change modes whenever you desire. On a periodic basis you should make database backups, copy them to cd or flash drive and store them somewhere safe. A selection in the admin section of Open Campground creates the backups and enables you to easily copy them to the desired place.

The User's Manual. gives more information and illustrations of these features.

If you are interested in this CD you can just press this button and it will take you to PayPal and collect your money and shipping information and I will put your cd in the mail.

For customers outside of North America send an email to info@opencampground.com and I will send you information on getting a CD.

Most system changes are handled with the built-in update system at no charge. When a new major version is released, current customers will be able to get the new version for only $10.